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Beat the Blues on BLue Monday and All-Year Round

So today, the third Monday of January is officially known as ‘Blue Monday’. Why Blue? Well nope, it’s not the naughtiest day of the year (although that might perk us up a little!), nor is it the day when the music genre gets a special little appreciation! Nope — it’s...

Fix the broken rung to achieve workplace equality

Women in the Workplace 2019 is designed to provide insights on workplace equality, and how companies can progress workplace diversity. Advocating for gender equality in the working environment, the report seeks to address the “broken rung” in the career ladder. ...

Remote workers are happier, more productive and earn more


About me

Hi, I’m Natasha Spencer-Jolliffe, and I love words.

Listening to them, learning new ones, putting the perfect ones down on page to make that sentence just right, and whizzing them around again until they’re just so.

And of course, nattering words to chat, relate, put the world to rights, ask questions, and generally find out more about the world and us in it.


"Natasha is an exceptional journalist and displayed an incredible ability to story tell and build communities across multiple publications and social media platforms. Her role ranged from researching, brainstorming, interviewing, writing, proofreading, editing & creating and developing client relationships. Natasha has the unique ability to merge the necessity of existing media skills such as good writing, investigative skills, ethics, neutrality and verification with emerging new media skills such as utilising social media tools, content management systems and email marketing service providers."

Peter Patterson, Managing Director, Woodcote Media

"I've had the pleasure to discuss trends in sustainability and naturally sourced products with Natasha. I found her questions and insights to be both engaging and thought-provoking. Natasha was able to connect a deeply technical discussion to real-world impacts, finding the relevancy that all entrepreneurs dream of."

Damien Perriman Senior Vice President, Speciality Products at Genomatica

“An absolute delight to work with on stories and is always supportive of our research. I appreciate how she’s constantly on the lookout for interesting, informative content for readers”

Beatrice Lwee, PR and Communications Manager, Mintel

“A genuinely journalistic nose for a story means she's your go-to gal if you want your brand story picked-up, oxygenated and retold. Natasha has an enviable black book of media and digital contacts

Peter Antenen, Growth Hacker, Brand Architect & Capacity Builder at Antenen Consulting

“Natasha and I worked on an interview feature with the founder of Bulldog Skincare. As we are expanding in our availability in Asia it was a perfect time for her to grill us on our plans and views of the market. She has a sound knowledge of the illustrious South Korean skincare market and asked evocative questions. I'm looking forward to working with her more as we expand globally.”

Lekha Mohanlal, Publicist at Hill + Knoughton Strategies, Bulldog Skincare

Latest Published Articles

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Latest Published Articles

  • Healthy living, healthy diets and a healthy planet inspire 2030 nutrition trends: Mintel
    on 26th January 2020 at 12:00 am

    What will be the core areas of nutritional interest in 2030? How can R&D teams, producers and brand marketers utilize these trends to engage with consumers? Speaking to NutraIngredients-LATAM, Jenny Zegler, Associate Director of market research provider, Mintel Food and Drink, provides key insights on what we can expect to see over the next ten years in the nutrition sphere. 1. How big a part does attaining good nutrition through healthy nutritious diets play in the next 10 years?​

  • LATAM region is strongest for Chr. Hansen in Q1
    on 23rd January 2020 at 12:00 am

    Hailing the overall Q1 2019/2020 results as “in line with expectations”​, Chr. Hansen revealed that the nutrition specialists saw 1% organic revenue growth in the first three months of 2019/2020, which coincides with the company’s 1% euro growth. Along with the company’s health and nutrition segment witnessing 4% organic revenue growth, momentum has also improved in its food cultures and enzymes categories attaining 4% growth, while natural colors saw a 1% rise. The operating earnings over ope

  • Flora makes strides to acquire Colombian supplement company, Cronomed
    on 23rd January 2020 at 12:00 am

    Flora Growth produces organic cannabis oils and CBD-infused food and beverage pharmaceutical-grade, medical and cosmetic-grade derivatives from the cannabis plant for a wide range of uses including dietary and nutritional supplements. Centering on its expansion in the Colombian and wider Latin American markets, Flora Growth has progressed with plans to acquire a 100% equity interest in Grupo Farmaceutico Cronomed S.A.S. (Cronomed) by entering into a letter of intent. Headquartered in Bogota, C